Ad hoc projects

we develop projects to suit all the company needs in expectations, terms and resources. We contribute the most updated knowledge of the social reality to increase the company competitiveness


we know and apply the last trends in Social and Cultural Diversity, understanding the richness of its contribution and its strategic value, by the development of consultancy and practical activities like Team Bulding

Marketing and Communication

we manage, in an integral way, the presence of the companies in mass media, preserving its transparency, reliability and reputation, with special focus on social networks, events celebrations and campaigns, and involving influential people in order to improve the company image

Knowledge management

by Transformational Design Thinking, high performance teams and very specific training actions we help to detect and systematize the knowledge in the organizations, and we let all the employees take part in its construction


Mediante nuestra actividad favorecemos y promovemos la inclusión y capacitación de las personas con discapacidad en la empresa y en la sociedad

Ámbito socio-sanitario

with our activity we encourage and promote the training and incorporation in the company of persons with disability

Persons with bio-psico-social problems, in risk and/or social exclusion situation:

we design and develop projects pointed to the protection of the Best Interests of the Child and other groups with difficulties of social and labor integration

Research Projects

we do projects in close cooperation with entities and first level professionals that benefit the companies and the entire society